Two cents for solo women travelers

Why am I picking up the cliché?? Aren’t there enough blog posts on this already?

Well the answer is, yes.

There are countless similar posts out there but something which pinched me a little in all the trips I took was the hesitation we as women have in our heads. Hence I decided to write about this hoping that the female travelers would read my experiences and decide to take a trip of their own.

Points I have decided to mention hereafter are the ones which slowly became the foundation of my travels.

  • Trust your instincts

Even if mentioned countless times already , nothing is truer than this simple fact.

When you are travelling alone, instinct is your best friend.

If you think it is just for the sake of saying or it won’t be that easy to work up on your intuition; then let me tell you, it is not true. When you are alone; away from the safety zone provided by your friends, family and not in familiar surroundings you learn to make decisions trusting your instinct along with the obvious logic.

Note: One very handy tip is  “Try not to arrive at odd timing to the place of your visit.”

Dzükou Valley , Nagaland ,India (Taken November 2017 )
  • Never hesitate to take help*(*Again, trust your instinct while you do so)

Since I took public transport most of the times during my travels I can’t stress enough on its importance.

GPS and maps are all fine but both of them can and will fail more often than you can think of.

I would ask for directions after every short distance from shopkeepers, traffic policemen, local chai walas and dhaba owners to ensure that I was heading to the right place. For it happened to me a couple of times that the directions I got were either wrong or were partially correct,hence make sure to ask the route multiple times for first couple of kilometers till you start getting repetitive (and possibly )correct directions.

The information I got most of the times was pretty authentic and in addition to this, locals were happy to tell about places to eat and things to see after having a little conversation with them . By all means, it worked as a great  travel guide.

You can get lot of information from people and all you have to do is strike a conversation. And it’s really easy, just trust your common sense who to ask questions to and you are good to go.

Elderly member of a family  who offered me home stay in Man village ,Leh, India (Taken January 2017 )
  • You are never really alone if solo

When you travel alone for first time, especially if you are a woman, you can pick a place that’s not too far, or is a well-known travel destination so that your first experience turns out to be a great memory. I read a post on Tripoto which said that solo travelling puts back your faith in the goodness of people and honestly speaking that it is exactly how it is. Travelling solo is a great experience, especially for women. It is liberating!

You get to see everything with a new perspective and it will overwhelm you to find what all of us are capable of doing at an individual level.

Paro Takshtang or Tiger’s Nest , Paro ,Bhutan ( Taken May 2017 )
  • Travel light

Frankly speaking, this is something you will learn on your own that you need only a handful of things for your trip.

Lighter you pack, easier it will be for you to move from one place to another.

2016-12-03 04.40.37 1.jpg
Ganga ,Varanasi  , India (Taken December 2016 )
  • Just do it 

Yes, exactly. Like Nike says it !

Do not overthink. Do not let  hesitation fetter your faith.

It’s a big beautiful world out there and travelling will make you live, breathe and imbibe the timelessness of our world and of our happiness.

So before I finish my post I will again say that solo travelling, especially for women, is a great decision. You need to take one vacation of your own to realize the difference it can bring.

Solo travelling lets you have time for yourself, which we barely get in all the chaos that surrounds us.

I am not saying that vacation with your friends and family are any less than solo but it is different when you pack your bag and head alone to a place . You should not miss it for anything.

If somewhere in your heart you want to take a solo trip, I hope you do it.

Happy travelling!!

Shnongpdeng Village near Dawki, Meghalaya, India ( Taken November 2017 )



Content Editing : Atul Saini  (Instagram page)

Featured image  : Picture credit – raosaaab (  Instagram page )  ( Taken at  Zuluk  , Sikkim ,India )


27 thoughts on “Two cents for solo women travelers

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  1. there is a very good thing when u read about someones travel experience , u feel connected . regardless of gender the thing that connects us all is the reason why we travel , the feeling of been on our own , the feeling of exploring places , the feeeling of looking at places searched at google maps through your own eyes.
    i would like to add one point to it when u r travelling , you should know your limitations ,physical or emotional becoz on the course you are high on excitement and the harmonal drive is high ,so rather getting exhausted completely in the trip we should consider our limits ,and go beyound your limitation after every journey


  2. I always knew that someday I will see you doing blogs , and let me tell you , you are awesome in it .. keep travellin and blogging cause … Hey you inspire a lot people out there

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I always knew that someday I will see you doing blogs , your free flow makes it more beautiful .. keep traveling and writing bcs hey you inspire a hell lot of people ..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s just a comment from an old fan of yours because of your traveling addiction and your daring rebellion nature … It’s Awesome to read you blog…. Very nice… Keep the spirit high.. And.. Go travel…

    Liked by 1 person

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